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Product Name
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Life and Energy Savings
Our premium HID replacement bulbs deliver high level efficiency and longer life for commercial demands. We stock HID lamps in a wide array of wattages from respected manufacturers such as Philips, GE and Sylvania. You’ll also find dependable HID ballasts. We make it easy to purchase environmentally responsible,   low maintenance options for indoor or outdoor fixtures.

Buy High Intensity Discharge Light Bulbs 
Quickly search our brilliant lamp options and buy high intensity discharge light bulbs that match your replace   ment needs and retrofit projects. We have hundreds of   HID that’s buildings, parking lots or industrial areas. We stock quality bulbs designed to surpass your warehouse, utility, corporate and retail expectations. Shop now or tap into our expertise. We’re here to help you buy HID bulbs!

Save big with our fluorescent replacement bulbs. As a brilliant alternative to traditional incandescent and halogen light sources, our efficient fluorescent light bulbs save a fortune in energy and replacement cost. They also have a reduced impact on the environment. Whether you’re lighting commercial, retail, hospitality or municipality applications, you’ll find quality fluorescent lamps for indoor and outdoor fixtures. Let us provide you with an incredible customer service experience today. Contact one of our LS-1 certified lighting experts, we’re here to help you find the perfect replacement fluorescent bulbs.

Fluorescent Tubes Provide Long Life and Superior Quality of Light, Long life, energy savings and quality light come standard in our fluorescent tubes. With excellent color rendering and high lumen maintenance, our fluorescent  light bulbs produce a superior quality of light making merchandise stand out and everyday tasks look more natural. You’ll also find reliable fluorescent ballasts. is where professionals find excep- tional products for all their fluorescent lighting needs.
Replacement Fluorescent Bulbs and Tubes are Energy Efficient

​Eco-PAR PLUS light bulbs utilize an Advanced Reflective Technology to enhance the bulb's performance. They are also an excellent energy-saving alternative to compact fluorescent bulbs and LEDs. Our premium Eco-PAR PLUS light bulbs provide all the benefits of halogen lighting and offer superior light quality. Available in familiar PAR styles, Eco-PAR PLUS light bulbs provide instant brightness and remain fully dimmable.

With energy savings that meet federal energy-efficiency standards, Eco-PAR PLUS light bulbs are perfect replacements for non-compliant PAR bulbs that are no longer available to purchase. They are an effective and affordable solution to your lighting needs.