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​Fluorescent Fixtures
We have a big variety of Commercial Fluorescent Fixtures including: Aisle Lighter, General Strip, High Bay, Polar Bay, Power Cage, Power Strip, Sky Bay and Wet Location Fluorescent Fixtures. They are available in T5, T8, and T5HO in either 4 or 8 foot lengths

When you need recessed grid mount fluorescent lighting fixtures for your commercial space, use troffer lights from. Our selection of troffer lighting includes various sizes that can be recessed into the ceiling for a modern, streamlined look. These troffers are the perfect recessed fluorescent lighting fixtures because, in addition to being recessed, they also offer bright, uniform illumination in any space. Choose from our selection of recessed fluorescent lighting fixtures to find the size, watt capacity, voltage strength and mount fixture type that you need for your commercial space.

Troffer Commercial Lights are designed in two basic versions depending on their ceiling fit

Recessed Grid Mount 1 x 4, 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 
Surface Mount

Lensed Static (Recessed and Surface Mount)
Parabolic lens 18 cell, 24 cell, 32 cell 
Center basket (Recessed and Surface Mount)
Eco-T Recessed Troffer Lights(Surface Mount)

Edge Lit Flat Panel Troffer Lights(Surface Mount)
Troffer Lighting Fixtures are distinguished on basis of various identifying factors such as

Total watts depends on the lamp used 
Type of Lens opaque, parabolic, clear or specular  
Type and Number of Lamps used LED or Fluorescent, t8, t5 or t5ho Voltage 120, 208, 240, 277 or 480v 

Warehouse / Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Fluorescent industrial high bay lighting fixtures are available in LED, T8, T5, T5HO and compact fluorescent (CFL). Fluorescent low bay lighting fixtures are available in LED, T8, T5, T5HO and CFL. Industrial strip lights (available in 4 ft. & 8 foot lengths) can be purchased with T8, T5HO or LED technology. Low bay lighting and high bay lighting are available in metal halide (MH), pulse start metal halide (PSMH), high pressure sodium (HPS) and induction. We also offer industrial ceiling fans.  

Warehouse Industrial lighting solutions are designed to provide customized illumination to Large Commercial or public Utility zones. They are mainly applicable to Factories, Industrial Zones, Hospitals, Big shopping malls, Universities, Multi level Parking Structures and Sports Arenas. 

Warehouse Lighting comprises of different types of lighting fixtures combined together to produce the relevant amount of luminosity required. Listed below are some of the styles of Warehouse Lighting fixtures:

High Bay Lighting Fixtures 
Low Bay Lighting Fixtures 
Retrofit Lighting 
Wet Location fixtures 

The prime factor however, must be the choice of appropriate lighting fixtures. For example, wall mount fluorescent fixtures would be an ideal choice for a stadium .Whereas an assembly factory would opt for high bay lighting to provide a good range of vertical lighting and to also enable clear vision on the fast moving assembly line. 

Efficiency to provide the right amount of visibility and create a well-lit work environment.